Recognize Genuine Leather



1.        Put a drop of water on the surface of the leather. If it absorbs water (fast or slow doesn't matter, as long as it does)…..Yahoo!!! Its leather. If not… could be Plastic coated leather or some other form of top coated leather.

2.      Stretch the leather……..what do you notice ……it stretches easily in both directions viz North south and east west  ……sign of being genuine leather.

3.      Stretch the leather once again…….look closely…

Notice that the top grains (pebbles and triangular/uneven multi faced minute looking geometric shapes and patterns…on the leather) vanish when you stretch the surface.

You can now see tiny minute dots …which are the dots where the roots of the surface hairs once existed  ……sure sign of genuine leather.

4.      Many  VT -veg tanned leathers will give out a squeaky sound on rubbing  2 layers of leather together.Vt  Leathers are generally for harder /tougher/stiffer accessories .

5.      Look closely at the stitching holes of the accessory or bag. The needles make holes when stitching is done. In leather these holes generally will not be perfectly circular but will tend to close around the tread. With Plastic fabrics the holes tend to remain perfectly circular as most plastics are not as stretchable as genuine leather.

6.      Look closely at the edges of the bag. Especially at any exposed edges. Genuine leather has swede at the backside.

7.      Generally genuine leather bags and accessories are much heavier than plastic coated fabric articles. Try it…..and you’ll see the difference.


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